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by David Owens Drums

    I have been involved in many projects during my career as a freelance drummer. Here are a few examples of the diverse recordings I have played drums on.


  • 4:14
    with Audio By The Bay we recorded at Paramount studios with a 120 piece orchestra the themes for the different lands in the amusement park in Tokyo. I also played for the opening of the park as well. It is the coolest amusement park I have ever seen.
  • 3:44
    Some friends and I decided to make a Christmas CD that was different. I think we accomplished that.
  • 3:03
    What a joy it was working with Fernando. Here is a song from his Christmas CD and then a live recording of Dragonfly. This song was a challenge because I played djembe with one hand and drum set with the other.
  • 8:54
    I loved playing with these guys. We came very close to getting signed to a record deal.
  • 5:53
    Bass player extraordinaire Norm Stockton is a great friend. Here are some tracks from recordings I have done with him.
  • 3:14
    Matthew is a wonderful guitarist and a long time friend.
  • 4:12
    This was a fun project to record with producer Darren Bowls
  • 1:09
    I did a couple records and toured with this jazz/funk artist
  • 2:13
    I met Ray through the Harvest ministry.
  • 1:50
    A solo project by the front man from The Ziggens produced by Rob Perez and Bert
  • 8:10
    From the Harvest ministry
  • 1:48
    Fresh Lemonaid
  • 3:19
    Anne Barbour produced by Jeff Lams
  • 4:30
    This is a world class group of vocalists that do events for Franklin Graham, Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child and BGEA. This is our latest recording. We do events world wide and I am so Blessed to be a part of it.